All Round Sport Association offers sports, games and cultural activities for the whole family. 

Resting on over 3 hectares of natural landscape in Eur Mostacciano, our fitness centre is one of the most renowned in Rome: tradition meets innovation in sports and leisure. 8 tennis courts of different types, 3 swimming pools, fitness areas for the most diverse activities, a fully equipped top-of-the-line gym floor… 
So much sport, even for our youngest members: swimming classes and synchronized swimming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, ballet, five-a-side soccer…
And social activities for the entire family, sport events and all sorts of cultural activities: ALL ROUND TRAINS YOUR PASSION! 

Opening hours: 
Monday through Friday 7am to 10:30pm; Saturdays 8am to 8:30pm; Sundays 8:45am to 8:30pm